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For The Miracle of Your Rosary

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Let me tell ya about my day! It starts with getting up and going to the doctor and ends with happy tears! The doctor went over all my blood work with me. The 2 lupus test are the ANA test and the white blood cell count. My ANA has been positive and my white blood cell count has been high since I was 14 years old. The doctor could bearley believe this himself. My ANA is negative and my white blood cell count is normal. There is one test that they used to check on my colitis and fibromyalsia it's called a sed rate. I'm actually choking up just typing this but my sed rate has been extremly high since I was 6 years old. It's completely normal. That sixteen years of the same result and all the sudden I don't even know how to word it. I'll never forget him sitting down and saying "Michelle your ANA is gone." I don't usualy like to talk about my health but it's such a miracle. I've been praying for this my whole life. My mom cried and my dad had to sit down. I can't believe this is happening. Thank Jesus and His Blessed Mother is all I even know to say. He's gotta see me again in 3 montha and I have to get more blood work to make sure everything stays the same. I know it will, ya don't get half a miracle. Our Lady of Lourdes has answered my prayers!
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What are your thoughts? Does anyone here pray with it?

I desperately need prayers. I need to pray for my mother's health, so if you could keep her in your prayers, I'd appreciate it. Her name is Ann. Thanks!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that Febuary 11 is the Feast of Our Lady Of Lourds. She is know for healing the sick and has a shrine at her groto in Lourds, France where there will be a novenia said in her honnor.

For Healling Of The Sick

Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes

February 11

Between February 11 and July 16, 1858, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared on 18 occasions to Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes, France. In the nearly century and a half since this series of apparitions, Lourdes has become one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the Christian world. By her words and actions at Lourdes, Our Lady affirmed her title of the Immaculate Conception and taught the world lessons in simplicity, humility, perseverance, prayer, penitence, and healing.
Ever Immaculate Virgin, your divine Son has often sent you to teach and inspire His struggling people on earth. I come before you today as your child, with confidence that you will hear my needs and intercede for me with Your Son, Jesus. Just as He heeded your word on earth, He will grant what you ask in Heaven. Pray for me and those I love, dear Mother, that we may always be accepting of what your divine Son wills for us. Amen.
Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

February 12

Throughout the ages, Mary has chosen to grace with her presence the simple and the poor, seldom the worldly and sophisticated. Often she appears to children, as in the case of Bernadette Soubirous, a poor, sickly child of fourteen. After a failure of the family business, Bernadette’s family was nearly destitute. Because Bernadette’s father had been unjustly accused of stealing, he and his family were looked upon with disdain and mistrust by many of their neighbors. Thus, many in Lourdes refused to believe that the beautiful lady whom Bernadette insisted she saw was anything but a hallucination. After all, why would the Mother of God appear to a Soubirous?
O Mary, our heavenly Queen, you looked with favor on the pure heart of the child Bernadette. You entrusted your message not to the learned and haughty or to those with wealth and reputation, but to this child of poverty. Whenever I am tempted to inflate myself with pride and self-importance, help me remember humble Bernadette, who, although despised by her neighbors, knew that the Mother of her Lord had befriended her. Let me remember that you are my Mother and my friend as well. I ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

February 13

Poverty and frequent illness put Bernadette well behind other children in religious education, and by the age of 14 she had not yet learned her catechism. Yet at the sight of the Lady in the Grotto, she instinctively turned to that simple yet profound prayer, the rosary. She tells us, “Without thinking of what I was doing I took my rosary in my hands and went on my knees. The Lady made with her head a sign of approval and herself took into her hands a rosary which hung on her right arm. When I attempted to begin the rosary and tried to lift my hand to my forehead, my arm remained paralyzed, and it was only after the Lady had signed herself that I could do the same. The Lady left me to pray all alone; she passed the beads of her rosary between her fingers but she said nothing; only at the end of each decade did she say the Gloria with me.”
Queen of the Holy Rosary, by looking with approval upon Bernadette as she prayed the rosary, you revealed to us your great love for this beautiful form of prayer and contemplation. As your child, never let me forget this. In memory of your glorious appearance at the Grotto at Lourdes, I resolve to pray the rosary often. Blessed Mother, I pray, intercede with your divine Son, that He will grant me the grace to keep this promise to you. Amen.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

February 14

Of course, Bernadette’s experiences at the Grotto brought varying responses from the townspeople of Lourdes, and eventually from all over France. While many believed in the truth of her visions, others considered her a fraud or an imbecile. Monsieur Jacomet, the police commissioner of Lourdes, considered the growing crowds that followed Bernadette to the Grotto a threat to public order. He questioned the girl unmercifully, doing everything he could to confuse her and catch her in a lie. The parish priest, Fr. Peyramale, exercised great caution at first and continually questioned the identity of Bernadette’s beautiful Lady, until at last he became her greatest champion. Through all these trials, however, Bernadette, simple and unlearned as she was, kept calmly to her story and never allowed doubt or confusion to cause her to abandon the message which Our Lady had entrusted to her.
Lady of Lourdes, in your wisdom you saw that Bernadette possessed the courage and perseverance to stand up to the questions, doubts, and even insults of those around her. Tests and trials seem unavoidable obstacles for all who set foot on the path of spiritual commitment. Mother of Truth, I pray that when my faith is tested, when I am mocked and scorned, when the doubts of others threaten to undermine my devotion to you and to your divine Son, you will look upon me with mercy and grant me courage and perseverance to stand up to all trials as Bernadette did. Amen.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

February 15

Many educated residents of Lourdes regarded the apparitions at the Grotto as merely the hallucinations of a mentally disturbed child. However, a few who came to scoff left believing that something extraordinary was happening. These witnesses were usually convinced, not so much by spectacular occurrences as by the unmistakable transformation that came over the poor peasant girl at these times. One such person was Dr. Dozous, who was a man of science, but not a religious man. He later wrote that “as soon as she had come before the Grotto, Bernadette knelt down, took her rosary out of her pocket and began to pray. Her face underwent a perfect transformation, noticed by all who were near her, and showed that she was in communication with the Apparition.” Dr. Dozous took Bernadette’s pulse while she was in this state and discovered that it was tranquil and her respiration easy. “Nothing,” he said, “indicated any nervous excitement.” Convinced, Dr. Dozous went on to champion the cause of Bernadette and of the Immaculate Conception and wrote several books on the miracles he later encountered at the Grotto.
Blessed Queen of Heaven, even skeptical onlookers noticed that Bernadette was transformed in your presence. No longer an awkward, sickly child of poverty, her face took on a serene beauty and her movements were poised and graceful. We too are transformed when we place our complete trust in you and your divine Son, as Bernadette did. As we grow in faith and love, as we pray and contemplate, as we persevere in our efforts to turn away from those things that separate us from you, as we reach out to our sisters and brothers in simplicity and humility, the evidence of the grace you give to those who love your Son, Jesus, will shine forth for all the world to see. Grant me your blessings, dear Mother, as I place all my trust in you. Amen.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

February 16

During the eighth apparition at Lourdes, Our Lady delivered her first public message through Bernadette. Observers noted that, although she had been in ecstasy before the heavenly vision, the child’s face suddenly “appeared sad and her arms fell to her side. There were tears upon her cheeks.” Bernadette then turned to face the crowd and repeated three times the words “Penitence…penitence…penitence!” Those near Bernadette heard the words distinctly and spread them throughout the crowd. Our Lady had made this plea for penitence at previous appearances in the nineteenth century and would do so again at Fatima in 1917. Then, as now, penitence is a word most of us prefer not to hear. Its repetition by Our Blessed Mother, however, means that we must not avoid it. Penitence implies a radical change in attitude and action. It means constant vigilance to recognize and weed out all that separates us from God.
Mother of Mercy, you weep whenever your children reject the love your Son, Jesus, showers upon us. You saw Him beaten and spat upon on the road to Calvary. You kept watch at the cross as He died for us. So often you have visited this world to bid us to repent of our sins. Most Blessed Virgin Mary, help me open my heart that I may realize how much you grieve for me when I reject Jesus’ love. May I remember the urgency of your message at Lourdes and resolve daily to examine my conscience and repent of all thoughts, words, and actions that separate me from God. Amen.
Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

February 17

During the ninth apparition, on February 25, 1858, an event took place at the Grotto that would make the name of Lourdes forever synonymous with pilgrimage and healing. Bernadette was praying the rosary when suddenly she began to scramble about on her knees, clambering up the slope that led to the interior of the Grotto and back again. Finding nothing, she turned toward the River Gave, then turned back and entered the opening at the base of the rock. She appeared puzzled, then began to dig with her hands. Muddy water surfaced, which she scooped up three times, spat out, and finally drank. When the onlookers saw her mud-covered face, they thought she was insane. Later Bernadette explained that the Lady had told her to wash in the fountain. Not knowing where such a fountain might be, since there had never before been flowing water in the Grotto, she went toward the river, when the Lady called her back and told her to dig in a certain spot. Later that afternoon, the trickle of water became a ribbon hollowing out its own channel. Almost immediately, miraculous healings began happening at the spring which have continued to this day.
Immaculate Mary, by appearing to Bernadette at the Grotto of Lourdes, you transformed it from a humble place to a holy sanctuary. Many have been healed of infirmities of body, mind, emotions, and spirit at this spot. To their prayers and outpourings of faith I add my own petitions that my loved ones and I may receive healing from our afflictions. I add to these petitions my gratitude for your child, St. Bernadette, whose steadfast faith and humble obedience led to the uncovering of the great fountain of blessing and healing which is Lourdes. Grant that I may imitate her childlike virtues. Amen.
Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

February 18

It was not until the sixteenth apparition, after a period of twenty days without visiting the Grotto, that the heavenly visitor at last revealed her name to Bernadette. As Bernadette described it, “The Lady was standing above the rose bush, in a position very similar to that shown on the Miraculous Medal. At my third request, her face became very serious and she seemed to bow down in an attitude of humility. Then she joined her hands and raised them to her breast. She looked up to Heaven. Then slowly opening her hands and leaning towards me, she said to me in a voice vibrating with emotion, ‘I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.’ She smiled again, spoke no more, and disappeared smiling.”
Mary Immaculate, Our Lady of Lourdes, chosen from all eternity to be the Mother of the Word made flesh, and preserved from original sin, I kneel before you today, as did Bernadette at Lourdes, and pray with childlike devotion that you will help me remain faithful to my baptismal vows. Shelter me, I pray, from all assaults, whether from within or without, against my faith in your Son, Jesus Christ. Look with favor upon my petitions and secure for me a favorable response from your divine Son. Amen.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

February 19

Our Blessed Mother appeared to Bernadette for the last time on July 16, 1858. The Grotto was boarded up by then and closed to the public, access to it denied, and use of the water forbidden. But Bernadette felt strongly called by the Lady to come to the Grotto. Accompanied by her Aunt Basile, she took another path which led to the right bank of the River Gave, opposite the Grotto. As Bernadette knelt, her face was almost immediately transfigured with the heavenly light of Our Lady. “Yes! Yes!” Bernadette cried, “She is there. She welcomes us and is smiling upon us across the barriers.” After an intimate conversation between Our Lady and the seer, the moment came for the Lady to say farewell to her faithful child. Bernadette later declared that “the Blessed Virgin is so beautiful that when one has seen her once, one would gladly wish to die so as to see her again.” As the sun was beginning to set, the Lady who called herself the Immaculate Conception took her leave, ending the vision with Bernadette still in the fullness of her joy. Never again in this life would Bernadette see the Lady; now she could only wait for her to keep the promise she had made at the second apparition – “I do not promise to make you happy in this life, but in the next.”
Immaculate Mother, we share in your promise to Bernadette; we are not promised complete happiness in this life but in the next. Virgin Mother of God, who always keeps your promises to your faithful children, grant that like Bernadette, I may wait in serene trust for the moment when I behold you and your divine Son in heaven. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
St. Bernadette, pray for us.

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Hey everyone, I just have a few questions.
1. How do I "increase" devotion to a certain saint?
2. What saints are for pain, illness, or migraines?
I also have a very general prayer request. I've been struggling for quite a while that there is something missing from my life. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, but of course I could very well be wrong. I trust that God has a plan, but I just don't know when things will finally feel better to me. I pray, I read the Bible, I really do trust God, but I would if some of you would keep me in your prayers.
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Has anyone else ever experienced this, and do you think it's possible and I'm not going crazy?

I feel like Saint Agnes is reaching out to me. There have been a few very obvious signs. Maybe they're just coincidences, but I'm not sure.

Has this happened to anyone? And why would this one be calling out to me, if it is possible?

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Please pray for my cousin in law Megan Boever. She was diagnosed with several cancers in her body in Dec of 2003. She is 29 years old, and has 4 young children. The doctors aren't sure if she is going to make it till Christmas. Below are the two latest emails I recieved about her.Thanks!

Oct. 2005

Dear Friends: We thought you would like to receive an update on Megan’s health. She and Matt (and Megan’s mother, Mary) met with the oncologist today in follow-up to her scans completed this past Friday because of increased pain throughout her body during the past few weeks. The oncologist told them that Megan has 2-3 new spots in her brain (he reports that she now has a total of 6-7 tumors in her brain). As a result, she will once again have radiation treatments beginning at 11:30 on Wednesday on a daily basis for two weeks. During this time she will not have her regular weekly Wednesday chemo treatment that she has had for the past 20 months. On Wednesday she will also learn about the status of the tumors in the other parts of her body. If they have increased, the doctor told her that they will put her on a different chemo and begin that treatment during the course of her radiation. He also told her that these radiation treatments would be the last she would be able to tolerate. If the brain tumor reoccurs after this radiation treatment is completed, the doctor said he would treat it with chemotherapy. She will have a monthly hormone shot. She will also be given steroids during the course of the radiation treatment. Because of the side effects of steroids, he gave Megan sleeping pills. Remarkably, Megan is able to participate in the daily lives of their four wonderful children: Lucy, Emma, Joseph and Paul. Matt and Megan are very grateful for your continued prayers and good wishes.

Dec. 12th 2005 update:

As you all know MEGAN has had MULTIPLE CANCERS in MANY
including her BRAIN. She has lost a lot of weight & in
constant PAIN. She is
wearing pain PATCHES to help in controling the pain. She
was in the HOSPITAL
FOR ABOUT 5 DAYS & is now back home with HELP FROM SEVERAL
PEOPLE including
& now her SISTER
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The rosary is like us it has a body and a soul. Once you start praying the rosary the Mother has got you. Then Mary brings you to Jesus. You got to not only have devotion but you have to have a relationship with Mary. Jesus gave Mary to us at the most solemn moment of history. Do you have enought common sense to accept the gift. We need a mother. We have been given Mary. We just have to allow Mary to be our mother, to intercede for us, to protect us. " Fr. Corapi

" Father I don't have time to pray the rosary."

"Are you busier than the pope?" - Fr. Corapi S.O.L.T. Society

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Let all the children of the Catholic Church, who are so very dear to us, hear these words of ours. With a still more ardent zeal for piety, religion and love, let them continue to venerate, invoke and pray to the most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, conceived without original sin. Let them fly with utter confidence to this most sweet Mother of mercy and grace in all dangers, difficulties, needs, doubts and fears. Under her guidance, under her patronage, under her kindness and protection, nothing is to be feared; nothing is hopeless. Because, while bearing toward us a truly motherly affection and having in her care the work of our salvation, she is solicitous about the whole human race. And since she has been appointed by God to be the Queen of heaven and earth, and is exalted above all the choirs of angels and saints, and even stands at the right hand of her only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, she presents our petitions in a most efficacious manner. What she asks, she obtains. Her pleas can never be unheard.

- End of statement by Pope Pius IX defining the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 1854
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Our Mother did not come here to criticize us, to talk to us about the end of the world, and to talk to us about the second arrival of Jesus. She did not come for this. But She comes as a Mother of Hope. And She wants to bring hope to this tired world, tired families, tired church. And Our Lady says, "Dear children, if you are strong, the church is going to be strong as well; but if you are weak, the church is going to be weak. You are the living church. You are the lungs of the church. And dear children, this world, this mankind has (a) future, but you have to start changing yourselves, and you have to come back to God. And you have to make a relationship with God, and a new friendship, and you have to walk with Him towards the future."

And Our Lady invites us to renew the family prayer. And She wants every single family to become the prayer group. And Our Lady has asked from the priests, to form and to lead the prayer groups in our parishes. Our Mother invites us to attend the Holy Mass, and the Holy Mass must become the center of our lives. And I remember well, one encounter with Our Lady, Our Lady said to us, "Dear children, if you have a choice between seeing me, and attending the Holy Mass, do not come to me, but go to church to the Holy Mass." To attend the Holy Mass, it means to believe in Jesus who is given to us in the Holy Mass. We have to open (ourselves) towards Him, we have to give ourselves to Him. Our Lady invites for monthly confession, and She invites us for Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and for Veneration. And She invites us to pray the rosary with our family members. And She invites us to fast on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays. And She wants us to read the Holy Scripture with our families. And in one of Her messages she said, "Dear children, I want the Holy Bible to be in a visible place in your home." And Our Lady does not want the Bible to be a decoration, to pick up the dust in our house. But Our Lady wants from us to accept the words of the Gospel, so that the Gospel becomes the spiritual food in our life. And Our Lady invites us for forgiveness, so that we love each other, so that we can help each other.

And the Mother carries us all in her heart. And She places us all in her heart. And in one of Her messages Our Lady said, "Oh my dear children, if only you knew how much I love you, you would cry for joy". That's how big the love of Mother is, that's how much She loves us. And that is why when She gives her messages, she gives the messages for the whole world. There are no special messages for different countries or different nationalities. When She gives Her messages, She gives the messages for all of Her children. So every message She gives to us starts with the words, "My dear children", because She is mother, because She loves us all, because all of us are very important to Her, because She needs us. There are no abandoned ones; She doesn't look at the color of our skin. She is the Mother of all of us. And She does not want from us to know better what somebody else was supposed to do. But She wants from us to open the doors of our hearts so that we can do the best that we are capable of doing. Not to find and look for mistakes in other people, but to pray for them.

So that is why the message of prayer, together with the message of peace is another very most important message Our Lady gives us. And thousands and thousands of times Our Lady has repeated, "Peace, Peace, Peace." And believe me She never gets tired. And Our Lady wants to change the prayer of the lips to the prayer of the heart. And how does Our Lady teach us to pray; out of love, with love, to pray with all our being. So that our prayer becomes one meaning with Jesus, the conversation with Him! So that the moment when we end the prayer, we leave the prayer filled with the peace and joy. Our Lady knows that we are not perfect. But Our Lady wants us to decide for prayer. And Our Lady wants us to attend the school of prayer, so that we learn in prayer. And I repeat that it is very important to decide for prayer! This is a very simple example. When you want to talk to somebody on the telephone, what is the first thing you have to do? You have to pick up the receiver. So to pick up the receiver, it means to decide for prayer. It means to decide for God. What after that? Then you start dialing the number. So this is the way you enter into prayer. You enter into conversation, and in this conversation, just give everything to God! And during that prayer, just give everything to God, so that you can accept everything from Him. Until we pick up the receiver, we won't be able to start praying. Until we pick up the receiver, nothing else can happen to us. That is why this decision is very important!

- Ivan Dragicevic, Medjogorje visionary, June 3, 2003
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