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Eternal Life

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One afternoon, I was with Jakov at his home and Our Lady came, telling us that she was going to take us to show us Heaven, hell and purgatory. Jakov was very little at the time and he thought we would not come back so he said, 'Dear, Our Lady, Why don't you take only Vicka because she has seven other brothers and sisters and I am the only child of my parents.' But Our Lady just smiled and didn't say anything. Before we left, we were wondering how long the journey was going to take, whether we would go up, or down, or how many days we would be traveling. But Our Lady just took Jakov's left hand and my right hand and we went up. We could see the walls just moving aside, giving us enough space to go through. It took us just a moment, and we found ourselves in heaven. Heaven is one, huge endless space. There is a special kind of light that does not exist on earth at all. We saw people dressed in gray, yellow, and pink gowns. They were walking, praying and singing together. And they all looked the same. No one was too skinny or too heavy. We were able to see small angels circling around. There is a special kind of joy in Heaven. I have never experienced anything like that at any other time. Our Lady told us to see how overjoyed were all the people who were in Heaven. Purgatory is also one huge space, but we were not able to see people. We could only see darkness -- an ashy color. We were able to feel the physical suffering of the people. They were shivering, and struggling. Our Lady said we need to pray for those people so that they can get out of Purgatory. As for hell, there is one huge fire in the middle. First, we were shown people in normal condition before they were caught by that fire. Then as they are being caught by that fire, they become the shape of animals, like they have never been humans before. As they are falling deeper into the fire, they yell against God even more. Our Lady says that, for all those who are in hell it was their choice, their decision to get there. Our Lady says for all those who are living here on earth who are living against God's commands, even here they are living in a kind of hell so when they are there, they are continuing just the same life as before. Our Lady says that there are so many who live here on the earth who believe that when this life is finished, everything is finished, but Our Lady says, if you think so, you are very wrong, because we are just passers by on the earth.

- Vicka Ivankovic, visionary at Medjugorje
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