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I was thinking about going on a retreat to help my relationship with God blossom. The thing is, I just don't exactly know how to go about this and if it would really help. If you've ever gone on one, maybe you can help me out. I went on one right before receiving my Confirmation, which was over 10 years ago, and I only went because we had to.

What kind of retreat should I go on? Do I have to go with my parish, or can I go alone? How much do they usually run? Are they a good idea, or a waste of time and money, and by that I mean would I be better off just going to church and praying on my own? I'd be giving up a weekend of lesson plans and grading papers, nothing too exciting.

Any advice and information would help!

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On September 19th, 2006 12:21 pm (UTC), maria_callous commented:
I went away for a few days a couple of years ago; there's an augustinian monastery a few miles from where I live, and they take in guests for private retreats so I was able to do that. It was good to be able to get away from everything - especially the sound of my own voice - it was good to find peace for a while.

I'd say that the best place to start for info would be to either google a search for retreats in your area or to ask at your parish church. Occasionally, convents sometimes offer one-day retreats too; I hope you're able to find something soon :)
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